Paulo MARTINS, B2C Delegate Portugal

Paulo Martins is the City Manager of Lisbon and responsible for eCooltra in Portugal.
With a background in Accounting, Taxation and Auditing, Paulo Martins also worked in the area of graphic design and web design and from an early age worked in companies related to logistics, LUSOCARGO, and IT, IDENTISIS and ERGOSTEK, which guaranteed him the possibility to develop capabilities and knowledge in different sectors.
His passion for motorcycles led the meeting with eCooltra to take place quite naturally, having been invited to join the company since its implementation in Lisbon. Paulo has grown up with eCooltra and started out as the first swapper in the Portuguese capital, taking charge of changing batteries and all the maintenance of eCooltra scooters, then moving on to the supervision of that same team.
Paulo's career at eCooltra has grown alongside the group's development
in Portugal, having been invited in June (2017) to manage Cooltra's fleet in Portugal. At this stage, he became responsible for large accounts such as Domino’s Pizza and Burger King.
He was recently invited to be City Manager in Lisbon and responsible for eCooltra in Portugal as a recognition of all the work done in the company, to continue to follow growth and help with the daily challenges of shared mobility.
"The Cooltra group values the talent and internal resources that the company has. This policy means that those who are at the head of the teams are people who know the company's business and culture, making the processes simpler and more natural. I've been part of eCooltra since "day 1" and that's why I see this as another challenge on this road that I've been traveling with eCooltra."