Marco FIORAVANTI, Vice President for Product Planning

Marco Fioravanti is Vice President for Product Planning at Nissan Europe, responsible for understanding and responding to customer trends in the market to ensure that Nissan's product line up continues to be robust and exciting. As pioneers of the ever-expanding crossover segment, Nissan has proved its excellence in research and data to understand why certain vehicles are popular and what drivers will want in the future. With connectivity, autonomous driving technologies and electrification moving faster than anything the industry has seen before, Nissan's Intelligent Mobility strategy will be even more key in future vehicles; where the product planning function plays a very key role.
Marco began his career experiencing a quite large range of automotive professional sectors working in Manufacturing, R&D and Sales and Marketing, before focusing into Product Planning and Product Marketing within various manufacturing industries and in different European countries. When Marco joined Nissan Europe,
he supported the launch of the second generation of Qashqai and current X-Trail as well as securing the facelift of Qashqai that was launched into the market in 2016. He then moved three years in Yokohama, Japan, to assume the role of General Manager in Global Product Marketing at Nissan Global Headquarter. During his time, Marco oversaw the entire Nissan line-up over 160 countries.
Marco has been an active member of the Nissan Global Marketing and Sales team, conceiving, implementing and deploying the "Nissan Intelligent Mobility" brand strategy across all markets.
Marco has a Sum Cum Laude in Mechanical engineering, Sapienza Università di Roma
Marco loves spending his personal time with his wife and two children, playing guitar in a band with friends, reading books in foreign languages and listen to a large variety of music from jazz to rock.
Marco speaks Italian, Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish.